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White is the new black, apparently. A lot of our celebrities are wearing white and we absolutely love it!White emphasizes the beautiful morena skin of a Fillipina. It’s also very elegant and classy.

While we know that most of you have your reservations on wearing white, we have some tips and tricks for you to flawlessly shine in your all white outfit!


What to wear underneath?

Though it has been said that you should wear either white or black underneath your all white outfit, we’re here to tell you that either one is incorrect. White acts as a highlighter and wearing white undies will bring the attention to your bra. Same goes with black – as black is an extreme contrast, it will show and people will be ogling at your tighties than your outfit.

Beige or skin tone undergarments are best to wear under white clothes. This means that if you’re morena, wear something that is closer to your skin tone such as beige or brown. If you’re mestiza, you can get away with having soft pinks or peach hues.


What shoes do I wear?

We would strongly suggest that you stay away from dark shoes. Metallics and nude or beige shoes are best to wear with a white ensemble.

How can I jazz up an all white outfit?

Play with textures! Wear a nice cotton top with a full chiffon skirt! Add dimensions to your outfit. You can also create some structure and shape. If you’re wearing tight pants, pair it with a loose top or oversized top. Create a silhouette by cinching a dress with a belt!

Most importantly, exude a lot of confidence when wearing white! Take a cue from our celebrity clients: Jodi Santamaria, Maja Salvador and Pia Guanio seen here wearing beautiful white outfits!

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