Filipino design and artistry seen on MOSKOV

We revel in the feeling of working with top brands and with established brands – be it local or international. It’s not just about the level of popularity that brand has, it’s also about the amount of work, artistry and passion put in a piece of clothing that gets our rocks off. We even get more giddy when we work with a brand that has Filipino creativity and passion woven into the fabric of that piece, which is what we have literally wallowed in when we discovered Moskov.

Khristine Catacutan
Khristine Catacutan

Dan Moskovenko

Dan Moskovenko


MOSKOV is a New York – London modern luxury brand that began as a conversation about art, fashion and life between founder Dan Moskovenko and creative director Khristine Catacutan – a Filipina. Initially, MOSKOV was dreamed up to be a swimwear line and we are delightfully grateful that they evolved into a full ready-to-wear line.

Maja Salvador in Moscov
Maja Salvador in Moskov
Maja in Moscov
Maja in Moskov

Their FW2016 collection is a rich and delectable amalgam of luxury and classic aesthetics that befit the modern world without being too constricting. You can see the play in cut and structure but still manages to ooze with femininity and softness. Recently, Miss Maja Salvador had a fitting with their gowns and she looked absolutely divine!


Even their choice of dark rich colors work! One important note to state is that the prints on the collections are hand painted by Khristine herself. These prints are a manifestation of her creativity and an interpretation of her passion for caring for the environment. It’s a social and philosophical commentary of her thoughts and ideas, collaborating with other like minded artists like Mark Cooper, Jonny Detiger, Peter Gerakaris, Joshua Avery Webster and Christina Burch.

Putting a line out is not just about clothes. It’s also about making a difference in the world – not just the fashion world. Moscov advocates a social and ethical approach to fashion, at a minimal impact to the environment. Moskov prides itself in the fact that they work exclusively with suppliers and partners that share their principles and values.

The real question now is, When will Khristine come over to Manila and share her wonderful collection with us? For more information, check out their website by clicking here.

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