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Creating a classic sexy and elegant look is not that difficult or expensive. The biggest element that one has to understand and imbibe when trying for a classic, sexy and elegant look is to have tons of confidence! Nothing is sexier or more elegant than a woman (or man) who is very confident about who they are.

Take a page from the old Hollywood actors and actresses. The 40’s were all about being classy, elegant but with a sizable dose of sexy. There is a common misconception that being sexy means showing off a lot of skin or that being classy and elegant meant that you cover up as much skin as you can. Not quite so. You don’t have to completely cover up but you can be modestly impeccably dressed – just like Nikki Gil with her elegant formal outfits.


No matter what your body type is, a skirt that hits high on the waist is always flattering. This emphasizes your waist which is the smallest part of your upper body. By highlighting that, it gives the impression of a sexy hourglass shape. Invest in a simple high-waisted skirt that you can pair with tops you already have.


Make up and hair is also part of the package. It’s all about simple looks that frame your face: Eyebrows, eyelashes, a bit of blush and lipstick. Long, tousled and curled hair finishes the look.


But it doesn’t have to be all stiff and formal. Even when wearing casual clothes, you can still be classy and sexy. You can get a glimpse of this look on Nikki Gil on tonight’s episode of The StyleList Inc. on I Heart Pinoy Mondays only on E!

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